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    Wuling Products

Wuling Tea
As national co-exist in ecological protected areas of Shei-Pa National Park, Wuling Farm should take precedence over public lands within the set, so the Wuling Farm also subject to the Wildlife Protection Act and the National Parks Act, the Republic has been gradually transformed into organic agricultural production since 2003. Pesticide residue testing the value of tea over the years are far below national tolerance, 100 annual tea and tea Fresh Tea Leaves dry pesticide residues test results and achieved a "not detected" level, that by dividing the unique flavor of black tea Wuling long known, but it is both "safety health" of the rare mountain tea. Wuling Tea

Peaches, pears and apples Peaches, pears and apples
We have high mountain temperate area fruit, ripened during the summer / autumn months (July to October is the fruit season). Peaches and apples are a top gift for national guests, which have been shipped out as national treasures for celebrities of foreign governments.
With organic farming, the fruits are free from pesticide and are 100% examined by the Agricultural Produce Safety Commission of Taichung City Government and is granted to bear its logo as well as safe for buying and consuming.

Souvenirs Souvenirs
Caps, clothes, decorations, picture frames, fruit bowls, canes, umbrellas and lighters are all for sale. All of them bear the Wuling mark and are useful and have a high memorial value. The high mountain pine seed, is also available for those who are looking for a different kind of treasure.