If your browser could not support the Script, it won't bother you to get the website but the website may seem different.
    The so-called anchor (formerly known as tiles), the display is to use a colon (:::) to represent the three characters, and require the design to use with keyboard shortcuts.
    Main purpose is to help users quickly locate and search. The main advantage of the following:
    (1) Quick jump to web page in different blocks, to avoid users getting lost in pages.
    (2) The convenience of users in the framework of the page (frame) between the fast-moving.
    (3) Users can be guided by their own needs, go to the required block.

    Site Help tiles shortcuts

    For example, press and hold the "Alt" key, then press the uppercase "U", or "L", or "C" key, you can quickly reach the site area with tiles where the hyperlink. If you use the FireFox browser, click the following shortcut keys, please use the "Shift" + "Alt" + "specified key".

  • Alt + U

    To the menu area to provide fast, menu area contains the link has: Site Map (Site Map), Japanese, Chinese, HOME (Home), Wuling Story, Location, Ecotourism, Accommodation, Restaurant & Food, Camping Region, Agricultural Products, Ticket Information

  • Alt + L

    Web page links to the left area. (On the left menu of the website without no settings).

  • Alt + C

    Web page in the middle region, the page key the information content.

  • Alt + S

    Site Map shortcuts, click the link Site Map Help Page.