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    Traffic Map
Traffic Map
    Transportation Directions
  • A.By Driving

    Taipei: Freeway No.5 (Taiwan's Hsueh-Shan Tunnel)→Yilan→Yuanshan(provincial highway No.7)→Qilan(provincial highway 7A line)→Nanshan→Wuling(Estimated time of Travel: 3.5hrs).

    Taoyua: Sanming→Baling→Mingchi→Qilan→Nanshan→Wuling (Estimated time of Travel: 4.5hrs).

    Kaosiung: 2nd South Expressway→Zhongxing New Village→Caotun→Puli→Wushe
    →Herhuanshan→Lishan→Wuling (Estimated time of Travel: 7hrs).

    Taichung: Freeway No.6(or Chung-Tou Expressway)→Puli→Wushe→Herhuanshan→Lishan
    →Wuling (Estimated time of Travel: 5hrs).

    Hualien: Taroko→Tayuling→Lishan→Wuling(Estimated time of Travel: 4.5hrs).

  • B.By Public Transportation to Wuling Farm

    1.Take Kuo-Kuang Bus from Yilan: Kuo-Kuang Bus in Yilan Station is approximately 150 meters, right side from Rear Exit of Yilan railway station. The line is from Yiland to Lishan bus, get off at Wuling Farm.
    Departure: Yilan07:30,12:40→Wuling Farm
    Departure: Luodong07:00,12:20→Wuling Farm
    Return: Wuling Farm9:10,14:10→Yilan
    Return: Wuling Farm13:40→Luodong
    Ride time: About 2 hours and 45 minutes trip.
    Fare: NT$285 (fares are subject to change which based on Kuo-Kuang Bus).
    Kuo-Kuang Bus Tel: +886-39-384171
    Website: https://order.kingbus.com.tw/ORD/ORD_Q_1560_ViewPrice.aspx

    2.Take Fengyuan Bus from FengYuan Bus Station
    Departure: FengYuan Bus Station08:50→Lishan14:00;Lishan16:50→Wuling Farm17:50
    Return: Wuling Farm06:30→Lishan07:30;Lishan08:00→FengYuan Bus Station13:20
    Ride time: About 7 hours trip except waiting time for bus.
    Fengyuan Bus Tel: +886-4-22877732
    Website: http://www.fybus.com.tw/bus8.htm

    3.For the friends from the south of Taiwan, suggest to departure from Taipei due to more frequency of bus.
    1. Passengers, including visitor accommodation, need to drop off at Toll Station to pay entrance fees (cash only). Then pick up the bus to enter Wuling Farm. The bus stop is near Wuling Visitor Center. If you live in Wuling Hotel, please actively inform the driver earlier to drop you off in Welcome Bridge of Wuling Hotel.
    2. Information is subject to change which based on each transport company.

  • C.Taiwan Tour Bus e-go (daily departure and need reservation 5 days before departure.)

    Starting and destination station: Taipei Main Station to Wuling Farm.
    Departure: East Gate 3 of Taipei Railway Station 07:20 → Welcome Bridge of Wuling Hotel 11:20.
    Return: Welcome Bridge of Wuling Hotel 14:00→East Gate 3 of Taipei Railway Station 18:30.
    Ride time: about 4 hours
    e-go reservation hotline: +886-2-27965696
    Fax: +886-2-27965691
    Website: http://www.e-go.com.tw/
    1. If the Independent tourist, try to call one day in advance to ask if there are vacancies.
    2. Information are subject to change which based on e-go.

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