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    Camping Information
The Wuling camping region is situated in the Alpine Botanical Garden, and is equipped with an eco-pond, water plant pond, Chinese herbs garden, shrubs region, and sea of flowers region It surrounded by the central mountain range, clearly visible from the Syueshan Mountain control station and Qika Lodge. With mountains and lakes entwined harmoniously, the camping region serves as a perfect summer getaway.

There is a forest coffee bar situated beside the camping ground,
surrounded by pine trees over 30 years old. You are invited to have
a date with the fresh air of the forest, and a special brew of lavender tea
at the coffee bar!

To ensure safety, any open flames are strictly prohibited on the grounds or
at any camping facility. Please cook on stoves or in barbeque pits at all times. Free shower facilities and hot water are provided.

Camping Reservation Hotline: +886-4-25901470 / +886-4-25901265
Camping Fax: +886-4-25901088

Rules and Regulations in Wuling Camping Region:
As the camping ground is in the Shei-Pa National Park Region, tourists are to abide by the following rules and regulations

1. Campfires, torches, fire-crackers are strictly prohibited on the camping grounds. The barbeque pits must be used for barbequing, and the charcoals are not to touch the ground
2. Tourists who bring pets are to keep the pets leashed and leave them outside the tents and rooms.
3. The picking of flowers and fruits is prohibited, as well as the damaging of trees and shrubs aren’t allowed.
4. Please sort your garbage and place it in the camping ground's waste bins.
5. Generators and loud sound systems are prohibited on the camping grounds.
6. Keep your voices down after 22:00, and avoid activities that would affect other tourists' resting quality.
7. Tourists who occupy the tents provided by the farm are not to consume snacks and sweets in the tent, to avoid ants and bugs from entering the tents.